MIMI means I am

MIMI is a movement that values dignity.

Our goal is to empower the African woman. As a South African Black Female owned sanitary pads company, we are mainly driven by "Keeping a girl in school" whilst helping women from historically disadvantaged areas build sustainbility through reselling MIMI sanitary pads in their communities.

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Keeping Girls in School

Protecting dignity

We believe no girl child should come this far to get this far, research has shown that girls from disadvantaged backgrounds skip school when on their periods due to the fact that they don’t have proper sanitary etiquette. We at MIMI believe in education and women empowerment, therefore we are committed to restoring the dignity of girls so they too become future leaders.

Take Part

MIMI understands. We aim to dispel the current notion that a natural body function is anything to be ashamed of. We get you…

Confidence in a packet

MIMI is deliberately wrapped like a gift, because for our girls it is. It is the gift of comfortability, freedom, dignity, confidence and acceptance. An inspiration and companion for the young girls - MIMI is you.

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We aim to dignify and empower girls in Africa

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Sort your Sanitary needs for the year and help an underprivileged girl.



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